"If you've never run with a group before, or find your determination waning, I highly recommend this group. I trained with them last winter and made many new friends, garnered loads of support, and learned a thing or to along the way." - Bill

"I am new to running and their running group is the best thing that has happened to me." - Mariangela

"Takes you farther than you ever thought possible in your journey. A decision you won't regret if giving your all." - Cheri

"I have some pretty amazing friends - so glad almost exactly 3 years ago I decided to join MIT. Some of the best friendships are made logging miles upon miles consuming nothing but salty caramel GU And my life would be pretty quiet without the ability to squeal at every dog, scream at every stick on the trail, and cheer for some pretty awesome people" - Hilary

"Yay.. I finished my first full Marathon Sunday! I just wanted to thank everyone at Fleet Feet for helping me so much every time I came in and needed advice or supplies to help me get to the finish line of MCM. You guys are awesome! Thanks for all your help!" - Wendy

"A tremendous group of people, quite a few of whom are now good friends on and off the trail. Incredible support network and responsive to your needs and questions, no matter how small. The passion MIT has for the group, its mission, and every single person connected to and by it is, in a word, life-changing!" - Mike

"All I have to say is Thank You MIT!!! Finishing the marathon was great, but what was even better was having the most gentle pace coach all season (this is a shout out to Coach Duane)!!! Thank you for making me want to do another marathon! - Sarah

"Thanks MIT... without the training and support, I would have never finished my first 1/2!" - Sheila

"I started last summer as a person who was very hurt, alone, and afraid to reach out to people. I thought joining MIT would be an easy, low-pressure way to start interacting with groups. It's been so much more than I imagined! I suppose many folks would think of training for a marathon as grueling or painful, but it's been an amazing, healing, and gentle experience. I'm starting to reach out, and I'm feeling more like I used to. More hopeful. And I bet I'm not the only one. I know we're all overcoming difficulties. We're runners. Early runs every Saturday? Rain? Snow? Emotional pain? Any sort of obstacle? BRING IT ON." - Rachel, Summer 2012

"I just wanted to say a very heartfelt thanks for all of your encouragement and guidance. When the big day arrived I was ready! The MIT program was exactly the program I had been looking for and it came thru with flying colors. You guys delivered what you promised and you did it with kindness and friendship... Thanks SO much" - Thelma

"There are many aspects of MIT that are worth more than the price of admission. Sunday at the marathon was just one of those great benefits. Membership has it's privileges and they are much better than what you get from Amex. Thanks MIT." - Kevin

"Thanks to Jeff, Tim and the Fleet Feet staff and all the MIT volunteers! The training, cheers along the way on the course, and the massage at the end were AWESOME!" - Celeste "Thanks for a great program! When does the next program start?" -Ira

"Thank you and everyone else for all of your help in making my first marathon training experience a good one!" -Connie

"Thanks again for the excellent MiT program. Without the training schedule and coaching I'm convinced I would not have been adequately prepared for the Columbus Marathon. In fact, I'm not sure I even would have entered" -Mike

"I've really enjoyed the program. I wouldn't have been able to do it on my own" -Karen

"The MIT program changes a lot of lives!" -Bridget

"Thanks again, there's no way I would have ever run a marathon without the MiT program" -Kathleen

"I just wanted to say thank you very much for all the hard work you did in getting us all through the Marathon. I would encourage anyone interested in completing a marathon to join your Marathon in Training group. Once again thank you very much" -Sandy

"Thanks again and please extend my sincere thanks to all the coaches who made this a great success for me. I will be back!" -Andy

"I'm completely convinced that I couldn't have gotten through this marathon without the expertise of the coaches; plus the camaraderie of the group to keep each one of us motivated. Thank you for your help. It was a great experience..."

"Thanks again for all of your support and encouragement. All I can say is that it was a very "thrilling" experience...I can't put into words. It was the best feeling sprinting towards the finish line at the end knowing I did it. It was well worth the effort just to experience that moment at the end" -Kristen

"I am very excited and a little nervous for the big day. It will be a very big accomplishment for me since two years ago I could not even run one mile without getting winded. Now to think I am actually going to run 26.2 miles" -Amy

"I really, really just want to thank you for running such a good program. I never thought I could cross the finish line and I imaged I'd be in incredible pain today if I did cross. Thanks to you I was wrong on both accounts!" -Cathleen

"Thanks a lot for all your help these past 5 months; I know most of us could not have done it without you and your coaches!" -Chuck

"I want to thank you all for helping me achieve my goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon! I could not have done it without you and the MiT Group. The coaching and support I received, and the friendships I made within the group were a critical part of my training and preparation for the marathon. I can't wait until the next MiT group gets going!" -Scott

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for starting this GREAT program in Columbus. I always hoped for a running group here in town. Thank you for the ADVICE and SUPPORT throughout the program. It really helped to know I had very experienced runners to turn to. Thank you for helping me reach my GOAL. When I started this program, my goal was to break 4 hours in the Marathon - and I did! Thanks for a GREAT season" -Catherine

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