ATP with Dave Calvert

ATP is a supplemental training program paired with MIT, and is open to current members of MIT.

If you are looking to enhance your training, kick up the intensity, and leave nothing to question, Dave's ATP Program is the way to go!



Dave Calvert has qualified for the Boston Marathon ever since he began training for marathons in 2007, including 12 sub-3:00 marathon finishes. Dave has coached our ATP program for the past 7 years, helping MITers achieve high levels of success!

Candidates for Dave's ATP Program should already be logging 35-50 miles per week, should be injury-free, and ready to jump into an aggressive program.

Goal race for the ATP Winter/Spring session will be the Boston Marathon and Glass City Marathon.

Participants will receive a complete advanced training schedule, and a weekly email with schedule details and goals. A heavy emphasis on recovery with stretching, rolling, compression will be followed.



Costs, and further details will be announced at the info session. RSVP here for the Info Session on Thursday, January 2nd at the Fleet Feet Polaris store at 6:30pm! You can also e-mail with questions.


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